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Harley-Davidson Sportster XLN Iron

Harley-Davidson Sportster
XLN Iron


12,659 miles

2016 Iron 883 – Custom Armed Forces Edition

Highlights: Custom Air Brushed Armed Forces Tank: A unique and eye-catching design that honours the Armed Forces., Stage 1 Tuned: Enhanced performance for a thrilling ride. Screaming Eagle Air Filter and Exhaust Mufflers: Boosted power and an unmistakable Harley sound. Mini Fairing: Added style and wind protection for a smoother ride. Custom Front Sprocket Cover: Personalized detailing that stands out. Ribbed Derby Cover: Completes the custom look with added flair.

Contact: House of Thunder, Phone: 01227 637575. Don’t miss out on this meticulously customized 2016 Iron 883.

Whether you’re cruising the open road or making a statement in town, this bike delivers in both performance and style. Call House of Thunder today and make it yours!