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Clear Tear Air Cleaner

  • The Clear Tear air cleaner series brings the timeless teardrop shape to a new level
  • Radius window can be installed in both the front or back facing direction allowing the rider to choose their preferred look
  • Patented hidden breather backing plate technology
  • Breather design is o-ringed at the heads, passes through the backing plate and exits inside the mouth of the throttle body through proprietary shooter tubes
  • M8 applications feature an integrated patented oil-catch to ensure no oil reaches the air filter and restricts air flow

  • Will fit 88-90 models also; breather system is not applicable for these model years
    Exempt per CARB Executive Order (E.O.) #D-639-8 for 2007-2020 XL

    Available on back-order

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    Models XL 1200 C, XL 1200 C ABS, XL 1200 CA ABS, XL 1200 CB ABS, XL 1200 CX, XL 1200 CX ABS, XL 1200 L, XL 1200 N, XL 1200 NS, XL 1200 NS ABS, XL 1200 R, XL 1200 T, XL 1200 T ABS, XL 1200 V, XL 1200 V ABS, XL 1200 X, XL 1200 X ABS, XL 1200 XS ABS, XL 883, XL 883 C, XL 883 L, XL 883 L ABS, XL 883 N, XL 883 N ABS, XL 883 R, XL 883 R ABS, XL50 1200, XLH 883
    Sales Name 50th Anniversary, Forty-Eight, Iron, Low, Nightster, Roadster, Seventy-Two, Sportster, Sportster Custom, Sportster Custom 110th Anniversary, Sportster Custom LE A, Sportster Custom LE B, Sportster Forty-Eight, Sportster Forty-Eight Anniversary (ANX), Sportster Forty-Eight Special, Sportster Hugger, Sportster Iron, Sportster Roadster, Sportster SuperLow, Super Low
    Bike Types XL/2, XL2, XL2-R
    TSN 113, AAL; AAM; AAV; ACK; 209; 210, AAN; AAO; AAY; ACL; ACZ; ADA; 211, ADM, ADN, ADO, ADP
    HSN 1008
    Weight 1.643 kg
    Dimensions 2.540 × 2.540 × 2.540 cm
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