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CAMS PL420 VIC 98-01 V-TW


Cams for Victory V-Twins

  • Easy installation (with no head work required) with a big boost in HP and torque over the entire RPM range
  • Similar to stock cams but timing advanced for more torque and HP at low and middle RPM speeds
  • Long duration cams for engines with higher compression ratios and low restriction exhausts
  • Big boost in HP and torque at middle and upper RPM speeds
  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Available on back-order

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    Models V 92 C, V 92 SC
    Sales Name Cruiser, Sport Cruiser
    Bike Types
    HSN 1174
    Country ALL
    Weight 1.62 kg
    Dimensions 2.540 × 2.540 × 2.540 cm
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